Unio Digital

Hosted PBX

Discover the Future of Communication in the Cloud

Embrace the future with our tailored solutions that enhance communication and collaboration, whether you’re in the office or working remotely. Discover how Unió Digital’s advanced technology can revolutionize your communication strategies and drive your business success.

Cut Call Costs, Not Call Quality

Stay Connected Everywhere at Any Time

Unió Digital leverages advanced voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) technology to deliver clear, reliable voice calling capabilities. Our VoIP services ensure that your team can make and receive calls seamlessly, whether they are working from the office or remotely. This integration is essential for maintaining connectivity and ensuring that every call meets the highest standards of professionalism and clarity.

Enhance Team Collaboration & Communication

Our Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solutions enhance communication and collaboration across your organization. By integrating various communication tools such as voice, video, chat, and file sharing into a single platform, we help teams work more effectively, especially remote workers. This communications system is designed to support remote work seamlessly, ensuring that your team can stay connected no matter where they are.

Revolutionize Your Meeting Spaces

Transform your conference rooms into dynamic hybrid meeting hubs with Unió Digital’s integrated solutions. Leveraging the power of Cisco Webex and Teams Rooms, alongside the innovative sharing capabilities of Barco ClickShare, we ensure a seamless experience for both in-person and virtual participants. Our technology supports spontaneous collaboration, crystal-clear audio, and high-definition video, making every meeting space a cornerstone of business innovation and connectivity.

Flexible Phone Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Whether you’re considering a traditional setup or a modern twist with softphones, we offer the flexibility you need. Explore our range of Cisco Webex phone series, which provide options from sophisticated desk phones to versatile softphone applications, ensuring your communication is as mobile as your team. Customizable features allow you to build a system that fits perfectly with your business’s operational demands, helping you manage calls efficiently while keeping your team connected.

Transform Your Legacy Systems with Modern Cloud Telephony

Transform your traditional phone system into a robust hosted PBX setup with Unió Digital. This modern communications system not only supports voice calling and receiving calls but also integrates with your data center to ensure reliability and security. Our cloud-based phone system allows for extensive customization and scalability, accommodating everything from a small office to a large call center, all managed through an intuitive cloud interface.

Optimize Your Entire IT Ecosystem

Unió Digital is more than just a provider of cloud phones and UCaaS; we offer comprehensive managed IT services that support all aspects of your business’s technology needs. From communications as a service to critical infrastructure and network management, our services are designed to optimize your operations, enhance security, and facilitate seamless communication and collaboration across all channels.