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Featuring Rhombus

Unio has partnered with Rhombus cameras to deliver an enterprise-grade, cloud-based physical security platform that is modern and easy to use. Rhombus merges intelligent security cameras, integrated IoT sensors, and a straightforward user interface to provide greater control when managing physical security across multiple locations worldwide.

Rhombus cameras

Rhombus cameras feature simple, one-cable installation via PoE, eliminating the need for DVR/NVRs, servers, device software, complicated installations, and manual configurations. All cameras are vandal resistant and rated IP66 weatherproof, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. As standard, Rhombus cameras come with local storage of up to 180 days and feature advanced quad-core processors for edge AI analytics for greater efficiency and security at scale. For enhanced situational awareness, Rhombus also offers integrated IoT Sensors that deliver in-depth insights via asset tracking, entry monitoring, and environment monitoring capabilities.


Access At Your Fingertips

Traditional systems were designed and built for someone that looked at surveillance screens for a living. They are often difficult to use, highly technical, and designed to work best on dated Windows PC’s. Rhombus was designed with the idea that anyone in an organization can quickly use the product and find the information they are seeking.

Integrated Security Platform

Pre-built integrations and an open API allows personalized and solutions for your business.


Not a security camera expert? Let Unio setup, configure, and manage your security solution anywhere in the world.

Custom Controls and Configurations

We work around-the-clock to ensure your systems remain healthy, secure and optimized for best performance. Unió produces regular, detailed reports on the state and security of your systems to help identify your most effective IT options.


We are small enough to take the time to understand your business and large enough to provide the multi-disciplined expertise that you expect from a technology company.
No On-Premise Hardware

Traditional systems require that you purchase NVR’s (network video recorders), hard drives, and of course, the cameras. All this hardware requires maintenance, support, and updates. Traditional systems are a mish-mash of different vendors. You might buy the NVR from one vendor and then cameras from 2 or 3 other vendors to piece together an entire system. Yes, they are all designed to be interoperable, but since no one vendor is in charge, it’s hard to ensure timely firmware updates, security patches, and seamless interoperability. Tracking all of these disparate systems is just one more headache to add to managing your overall business.

Open and Integrated Video Surveillance
With over 20+ integrations with best-in-class tools, Rhombus is designed to work with your favorite systems — like access control, environmental sensors, cloud storage, and more — to deliver better security at a better value. By integrating with other applications, this ensures your video surveillance does more than just capture video, but it improves operations and security at scale.
Infinitely Scalability
Rhombus cameras are cloud-based, requiring no on-premise hardware unlike traditional camera solutions. This means cameras can be deployed anywhere internet or cell coverage is available and accessible from anywhere in the world. With Rhombus, all of the devices and locations are managed from the same console regardless if you have 5 or 1000 locations. Unlimited users can be added to the system with role-based permissions, and adding new cameras to the system requires simple registration without having to scale your storage or NVRs.
Facial Recognition

Intelligently capture high-definition video clips of people moving throughout all locations, receive alerts when unidentified people are spotted, and conduct lightning-quick investigations based on specific parameters.

High Definition Video Clips of People
Visitor Counting (People + Vehicles)

Gather general crowd and unique people counts to unlock new and powerful insights. People counting gives organizations the ability to acquire quantitative data from video evidence for better space utilization and operational decision-making.

Visitor Counting Feature in Security Cameras
Vehicle & License Plate Recognition

Vehicle recognition leverages Rhombus AI analytics and edge-processing to enable organizations to obtain vehicle-related video evidence in a simple but effective user-interface.

Vehicle and License Plate Recognition