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Featuring OpenPath

Unio has partnered with OpenPath door access to deliver an enterprise-grade, cloud-based physical security platform that is modern and easy to use.

Openpath is an award-winning access control leader offering a best in class platform that elevates both security and convenience, making it an ideal way for tenants and employees to enjoy a frictionless experience while prioritizing safety.


Open Path Door Access


Access At Your Fingertips

Traditional systems were designed and built for someone that looked at surveillance screens for a living. They are often difficult to use, highly technical, and designed to work best on dated Windows PC’s. Rhombus was designed with the idea that anyone in an organization can quickly use the product and find the information they are seeking.

Wave to Unlock

Unlock the door without ever needing to take your phone out of your pocket


Not a security camera expert? Let Unio setup, configure, and manage your security solution anywhere in the world.

Custom Controls and Configurations

A perfectly tailored security solution with customized notifications, access control list permissions, and enterprise level encryption.


We are small enough to take the time to understand your business and large enough to provide the multi-disciplined expertise that you expect from a technology company.
Multiple Authentication Methods
Open and Integrated Platform

The Openpath App Marketplace is where you can discover, enable, and configure integrations that strengthen your security solution. The App Marketplace includes 40+ apps. OpenPath integrates with our Cloud Security Solution by Rhombus.

Infinitely Scalability
Wave to Unlock
Gif of Wave to Unlock Features
Proactive Fixes
Device Monitoring and Reporting