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Hosted PBX is the smartest choice for your business phone service. It eliminates the burden of purchasing and maintaining a costly hardware-based PBX, while enabling you to focus on maximizing the growth and profits of your business. Hosted PBX behaves like a traditional business phone system, but it is built and maintained in a secure cloud environment.

Hosted PBX delivers crystal-clear solutions for your company through environments composed of reliable, carrier-grade network hardware and software, manufactured by the strongest firms on the market, such as Cisco™, BroadSoft™, IBM®, and ACME Packet™. It is deployed as a geo-redundant solution engineered with multiple redundant direct connections to our underlying providers, meaning your system runs in a highly available environment

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Unió’s VoIP and Hosted PBX solutions help you focus on your core business without the need to hassle with complicated phone systems or technology. Streamline your phone and unified communications today.

Hosted PBX

Built-In: Unlimited Support & Upgrades, Redundancy, + Unlimited Training.

You can rest assured that the same service you have on day one will continue through the entire time that you are using it.


We have a plethora of features that enable integration through hosts of software: ESNA is a Chrome plugin dialer which boasts presence and call features that enable click to dial through your computer’s browser. It’s powerful features can further be tied into the well know CRM Salesforce®. With these three powerhouses in cloud communications and customer relationship management, any organization will quickly realize their priceless benefits.

Multi-Site Support

Multi-Site Support is offered by grouping geographically disperse locations into one virtual location.

Business Continuity

At the carrier level it will equate to dependability, reliability, and peace of mind.

Unified Communications

UC-One brings together all real-time communications services such as instant messaging (IM), presence, voice and video calling, conferencing, file sharing and desktop collaboration into a convenient application that runs on all major desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

HD Audio / Video Calling

Experience crystal call voice and video calling through HD Voice. HD Voice will transform the way you experience your voice and video calls.

Virtual Fax Solutions

Virtual Fax-Desktop supports sending and receiving faxes in real-time from the computer desktop without the use of any additional hardware.

Enhanced Call Center Features

Call center solutions engineered for both small-to-medium-sized businesses and large enterprise. Stay connected from virtually anywhere.

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