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How Unió Set the Stage for ATC’s Technological Transformation


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Arizona Theatre Company (ATC) is a not-for-profit regional theatre, staging successful productions to over 130,000 patrons annually in Tucson and Tempe. In its 56-season history, ATC has produced a wide range of theatrical experiences, from mainstage shows, to community initiatives, to original works that have reached Broadway.


Unió Digital has been instrumental in supporting ATC’s technological needs since 2020, a partnership spearheaded by ATC’s executive director Geri Wright, who had established a trusting relationship with Unió Digital in her previous roles. 

The necessity of technology in ATC’s operations became particularly evident during the COVID-19 pandemic. The shift ATC was making to the cloud was accelerated to support communications and operations, both from their four working environments and work-from-home requirements.


As a nonprofit theatre company, ATC has faced several unique challenges:


Unió Digital addressed ATC’s challenges through a series of hands-on strategic initiatives, taking into account their unique operational needs and budget constraints to deliver personalized solutions.

Streamlined Employee Onboarding/Offboarding System:

Building Rewiring and Infrastructure Setup:

Innovative Budget Solutions:

Cloud Migration Management:

Commitment to Partnership:

Cultural Integrity of ATC Production Spaces


Through the solutions implemented by Unió Digital, ATC has realized significant improvements in its operational capabilities and technological infrastructure. The transition to streamlined employee onboarding and offboarding processes has markedly enhanced efficiency, reducing administrative overhead and aligning with their fluctuating nature. 

The comprehensive infrastructure rewiring and IT setups have preserved the cultural integrity of ATC’s production spaces, while transforming them into modern, technologically equipped facilities, further enabling steady operational efficiency without overextending financial resources.


Looking ahead, both Unió Digital and ATC are committed to deepening their relationship through enhanced understanding and collaboration. Unió Digital’s ongoing efforts to introduce automation and efficiency will continue to support ATC’s mission, while accommodating budgetary considerations. 

The focus remains on leveraging technology as a strategic asset that can drive innovation and growth in the theater’s artistic and operational endeavors. Together, Unió Digital and Arizona Theatre Company exemplify how technology and creativity can intertwine to forge a resilient and adaptive partnership, poised to meet the future’s demands.


“When I came [to ATC], I needed an IT team, someone that I could trust, and so I brought Unió Digital with me. Aaron is my go-to; I can text him and he responds pretty quickly, which is wonderful, and I appreciate it a great deal. Their response is really good.

“Unió is always looking for ways to lessen the financial burden, because we’re a nonprofit theatre. They help with all [our] projects, and we rely on them all the time.”

– Geri Wright, Executive Director Arizona Theatre Company