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Cyber Hygiene – Employee Training

Introduction to Cyber Hygiene

Cybersecurity risks are fundamental in the contemporary interconnected world. Cyber hygiene is something that all organizations need, just as personal hygiene is necessary for good health. Just as washing hands helps to avoid diseases, good cyber hygiene helps to prevent threats to your digital assets. This first blog post will outline how security awareness training can help empower your organization as the first line of defense.

The Importance of Cyber Hygiene in Business

Protecting Digital Assets

Cybersecurity entails several processes that help control cyber threats from stealing assets from an organization. The recent uptick in data loss incidents and cybersecurity threats presents employees with high risks in accessing and sharing confidential information. In the 2024 Data Breach Investigations Report, Verizon Wireless found that 96% of phishing attacks are delivered via email.

Structured Environment

Cyber Hygiene entails developing an order that minimizes risks to an organization’s infrastructure without overwhelming IT. Such a strategy is useful in preventing threats and minimizing risks in organizational structures, thus improving the security of the digital environment. In many cases, your organization’s insurance policies require it.

An Analogy with Hospital Hygiene

Cyber hygiene is like washing your hands in a hospital to minimize the spread of viruses and minimize the work of doctors and nurses. Therefore, while practicing good cyber hygiene, one reduces your exposure to cyber threats, and IT structures are organized in the digital environment.

Training Solutions for Employees

Since cyber-attacks breach a corporation’s barriers, it is pertinent to underscore training as the most efficient technique for enforcing solid cyber sanctions among employees. Training sessions should incorporate interactive programs to improve results on distinctive phases of cyber assault among employees.

Unió Digital offers over 28 short, enjoyable, and innovative learning videos and activities that enhance security awareness. Training consists of multiple modules which are critical threats facing each organization today. These modules provide the foundation for the defense against cyber threats.

We enrich cybersecurity training programs with additions such as game components and realistic scenarios, providing a more interactive approach to learning. This method enhances knowledge retention and boosts the organization’s preventive security culture. Through these creative training services, Unió Digital assists your staff in better preparedness to protect the organization from various risks related to cyberspace, thereby improving the security of the organization as a whole.

Let’s stop hackers in their tracks!


Training your workforce in cyber hygiene is crucial to protecting your organization. Strong cyber hygiene practices, including the use of Security Awareness Training, reduce the risk of breaches and defend against new online threats by giving your workforce the tools to be successful. Robust security awareness training turns learners into your first line of defense at work and at home.